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MKR Mobilbar

We are the only company in the Czech Republic to have developed, constructed and operated the unique multi-functional MKR Mobilbar. At first sight it is an ordinary trailer. After simply pushing a button it automatically unfolds itself, increases its floor area three times and converts into a faultless „pub“ that takes in up to a hundred people. All you need is a water service pipe and electricity connection and your event is ready to start. Within an hour you can have a magnificent representative venue that includes anything that you can think of – a bar, beer tap, dishwasher, fridge, sound system, TVs, lighting, heating and air-conditioning – all on a professional level.








MKR Mobilbar – technical parameters

Equipment: A/C, heating, laser, disco lights, party fog, sound system, wireless microphone, 4x LCD TV, beer tap, professional dish washer, fridge.




Kindly address your request, conceptions as well as the number of days to our email and we will provide you with the quotation reflecting your needs.

Contact: Lucie Povová - tel.: +420 776 634 390, lucie.povova@mkr-technology.com.

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